AquaClean Boatwash Systems

custom boatwash pads and wash pad design for marinas

Custom Wash Pad Design for Marinas and Boatwash Stations Washpads
A wash pad should be considered an integral part of a wash rack operation. THis seemingly non-purposeful object is typically disregarded as a spot where to park the decise you are about to wash. This is furthese from the truth when considering the filtration capacity of the surface area and the potential means by which wash water management is initially generated.

custom boatwash pad design

- PDF - Anatomy of a Washpad
- Eliminate Car or Boatwash Runoff
- Clean Run-Off for the Ocean
- 99.9% Heavy Metal Reduction

custom marina washpads

- PDF - Typical Washpad Layout
- Filter Algae and Heavy Metals
- Filter Paint Toxins!
- Filter Toxic Chemicals

washpad design for marina

- Comply with Federal Regulations
- Be an Eco-Friendly Green Marina
- Small / Moderate Boat Systems
- Large Yacht Systems Available

custom designed washpad designed for marinas

- Univ.of Wash. Boatwash Report
- State of NJ Washwater Report
- Government Pollutants Report
- More Information