AquaClean Boatwash Systems


aquaclean boatwash systems

Aqua-Haul - The Easy Haul Out Boatwash System
The AquaClean Haul-out Reclaim System. A self contained closed loop wash water recycling system that is easy to install, simple to operate, and economical to maintain. The Aqua Clean filtration scheme is a proven and logical step down filtration process that captures the solids where needed and uses a medium (depth filters) to easily remove the contaminants. The AquaClean also features a multiple oxidation processes.

Clean Marina Regulations

- Automatic Recirculation System
- UV Light & Bromine Treatments
- Clean Odor Free Recycled Water
- 15 GPM Flow Rate

Boatwash Recycling Water

- 110 VAC - Energy Efficient
- Easy To Move & Relocate
- Fast & Easy Installation
- 175 Gallon Settling Tank

Reduce Run Off Pollutants

- 60 Gallon Reservoir
- Economical & Easy To Use
- Hybrid Media Filter ( Optional )
- Solids Reduction 5/10/20 Microns

Government Marina Water Regulations

- Univ.of Wash. Boatwash Report
- State of NJ Washwater Report
- Government Pollutants Report
- More Information